Celebrities ran for the newborns!

Support to Life Team attended  the  39th Vodafone İstanbul Marathon for the babies.

Humanitarian aid agency Support to Life participated the39th Vodafone İstanbul Marathon with a team of 110 runners, including well known names as; Mirgün Cabas, Janset Paçal, Defne Koryürek, Sibel Asna, Barış Kıralioğlu, Ekin Özbiçer, Saadet Işıl Aksoy and Meriç Aral.

The Support to Life Team ran 8K- 10K - 15K and marathon to raise fund for the #KoşalımDaBüyüsün / #BütünBebeklerBizim project, supporting war refugee and migratory seasonal agriculture working mothers and their newborns. So far, 124 thousand TL from more than thousand donors has been helping the project to reach mothers and their babies. Donations for the project #KoşalımDaBüyüsün / #BütünBebeklerBizim can be made until November 27th at ipk.adimadim.org, a web platform of the charity formation Adım Adım.

“With this project, we have reach our biggest team as well as donations. The funds will help us give war refugee and migratory seasonal agriculture working mothers “10th Month Kit” including all the items that are essential including a new mom guide. Hopefully, by the end of November we will reach our target to help 600 moms.”said Sema Genel Karaosmanoğlu, Support to Life Director.


#KoşalımDaBüyüsün #BütünBebeklerBizim



Support to Life

Support to Life (STL) is a humanitarian aid agency founded with the principal objective of working with communities to help them meet their basic needs and rights. Founded in 2005, Support to Life carries out activities in the fields of Emergency Relief, Refugee Support, Children’s Protection and Empowering Civil society, and coordination. While providing support to life, the agency is committed to upholding its principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence and accountability.