• A&B pursues “friendship”, “transparency”, “honesty” and “discretion” in its professional relationships.
    A&B is not only sensitive to the laws, welfare of the community, social and cultural values, human rights and the environment, but also reflects this sensitiveness to its works.
  • A&B doesn’t help to conceal the activities that could cause the misleading of the public and the government and that would not have the acceptance of the society.
    A&B defends the self-control rules of public relations profession, and strives for the settlement of acceptance of these rules.
  • A&B doesn’t serve more than one client operating in the same sector.
  • A&B doesn’t render services to companies manufacturing or marketing tobacco and/or its products.
  • A&B neither works for political parties nor does lobbying activities.
  • A&B doesn’t provide consultancy neither to fossil fuel or nuclear power companies, nor to any parties involved or to their subcontractors.
  • A&B features clear, accurate and distinct communications in its relations with the media.
  • A&B makes an effort to send information, whose resource is defined, which is newsworthy and not misleading, to the media.
  • A&B neither presents nor approves behaviors intervening to media’s working area or ways of doing business.
  • A&B doesn’t approve the relationship between “news” and “benefit” in any form.
  • A&B doesn’t approve the practices beyond the international standards, in its relations with the media.
  • A&B believes that transparency, verity and verifiability are basics of sustainable communications.
  • A&B supports, promote, and generalizes UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals