We took one more step to spread the equality between men and women and became WEPs signatories!
We signed the Clean Creatives Commitment within the framework of our ethical principles that we have continuously developed since our establishment (1974)!
Sibel Asna received the Medal of Honor from France…
Earth’s A ve B
A and Bof the PR


Human being is our material. What does gender, race, location matter? The only important thing is to hear and understand.


The welfare, health and happiness of the world and society we live in


To listen, understand, feel, anticipate, implement


Serving to a better world.

To Who

Of course, to nature, environment, human, animal and everything that exists.

Who We Are

“ We are sensitive to laws, social order, social and cultural values, human rights and the environment. We reflect this in our work.”

1974 A&B Public Relations was established in a room of Talas Han in Cağaloğlu.
1977 A&B Public Relations moved to Teşvikiye.
1995 Prof. Alaeddin Asna was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Communication of Marmara University.
1995 A&B Public Relations turned into A&B Promotion (Founder : Sibel Asna)
2004 A&B İletişim A.Ş was found. (Founder : Sibel Asna)


Gülkız Çakmaktaş Doğan
Gülkız Çakmaktaş Doğan
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What We Do

WhatWe Do?

We do Social Change Consultancy. We observe the changes and transformations occurring in the world and society. We guide stakeholders/brands by taking responsibility in determining their direction. In addition, we transform the benefit obtained from the presentation of your company’s products and services into projects that will contribute to society through non-governmental organizations. We guide you in changing the way you build and maintain your relationships due to the changes happening in the world.


Sustainability Communication

We design and manage Sustainability Communication. We support studies to ensure sustainability in nature, society, production and economy. We lead institutions with the know-how, experience, network and contacts we have on this subject. We create awareness in the target audience about the sustainability efforts of institutions.



We manage Chaos Communication. We support healthy communication and sustainability between the parties during economic and social chaos. We determine the messages to be given to employees, suppliers, supervisory institutions, the press, competitors, NGO’s and the public. We provide strategic consultancy services to senior management, and we create and manage the internal/external communication network.



We provide Corporate Values ​​Communication. We achieve this by transferring the corporate values ​​of the brand to its target audience, by producing projects that will increase its prestige in the society, by developing and managing these projects. We create opportunities for you to carry out joint projects with NGO’s, opinion leaders and academia. We design and implement strategic communication plans with our business partners for the abroad communication activities of institutions.



We do Leader Positioning. We turn a manager into a respected, trusted and consulted person in his industry. In addition, we ensure that he/she is accepted as a reference before the press and the public.



We design and implement Media Relations Management. We discipline your institution’s relations with the press and social media. We prepare your press briefings and organize your press conferences. We also create special news and interview opportunities for your managers. We provide media communication trainings and empower your spokespersons in media relations.



We prepare communication programs in coordination with your marketing goals in Product Communication. We determine the needs and interests of your target audience and develop projects to support sales/marketing.



We contribute to the improvement of Internal Communication. We prepare an internal communication program in consensus with the management level and support the implementation.



We do Event Management. We create concepts for all your events, plan them and support their implementation.


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