Who We Are

We are a group, acting towards the goal of a better life and demonstrating this with sustainable solutions. Moreover, we have been defending this with an infinite energy for 45 years.

We believe that communication is one of the most basic effective and result oriented elements for a better life and we continue to explain this to all decision-making parties as a vision.

This is also a story of adaptation. Founder of our company and the permanent guardian of adaptation, Alaeddin Asna founded A&B Public Relations firm in 1974 in Cağaloğlu. In the following three years, the company growing successfully, moved to Teşvikiye and remained there since then. In 1995, Prof. When Alaeddin Asna was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Communication of Marmara University. His student, wife and colleague Sibel Asna took over the company the same year. Until today, we have continued our way as A&B İletişim Anonim Şirketi by adopting to change, with the core principles of continuous change and transformation.


On the way, we have acquired strategic partners and sister organizations that are as transparent and brave as we are. We are cooperating with Bolton & Quinn in establishing a support network for cultural studies worldwide and with Navigate Response in strategizing in crisis management.

Our Short Story

"a better life"